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My Privacy Policy

Do I track you?

Yes. I use Piwik web analytics to get some overall statistics where my readers come from.

However I'm very privacy-conscious so I've done all I can with Piwik to minimize all personal information gathered from you. All data is transfered over HTTPS so nothing gets leaked in transit.

There is no, and never will be any 3rd party analytics tools where I can't control the data. Only person who has access to statistics is me.

Why are you tracking me?

I'm interested only in two things when it comes to tracking my readers: from which site did you come from and what browser are you using.

I want to know the referring site so I can further optimize where I promote the essays. Referrer also helps me to find ongoing discussions about the essays so I can participate and maybe answer some questions.

Browser information is useful for debugging possible problems with the site.

All in all, I don't and I'm not interested tracking you as an individual.

Privacy by default - Anonymized Piwik

I've configured Piwik so that all IPs are anonymized up to 2 bytes, only first two numbers are stored. It looks like 192.168.???.???. This means that I can only see the country you're in, and maybe city depending the size of it. I've no way whatsoever to actually identify you from other people using your ISP's internet connection.

I've also disabled Live plugin so that Piwik doesn't store your full IP at any point.

Can I opt-out? / Do you support Do-Not-Track?

Absolutely. If you've configured your browser to send Do-Not-Track, Piwik won't store any data from you.

If your browser doesn't have Do-Not-Track, you can opt-out from Piwik by clicking here.