What do I do

Hello and welcome anonymous reader

You are probably here because either you are interested to know more about me, or you are looking for evidence that I might actually know how to help you.

Let’s start with what I do.

To make things easier for you, I made a small list of things I can do for you…

I can help you with the following:

  • Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to your business problem

    • Every case seems to be unique with AI so send me a message and we’ll hash it out together.
  • Help with “digitalizing” your business processes

    • I have over 18 years of experience in creating digitalized workflows and processes for different types of digital businesses.
    • Every business is a bit different so send me a message and I will tell you what you should do given your business context.
  • Help with your online strategy & customer experience/journey
    • I used to do this full-time few years ago. 90% of companies have glaring holes in their digital strategy because the online landscape is so different from traditional offline Drucker type business scene.
    • I’m happy to hop on a call to give you some pointers or to do a more significant overhaul on your strategy. I love this stuff.
  • Conversion optimization and marketing automation
    • I have done a lot of work in conversion rate optimization and marketing automation sector for companies ranging from multi-nationals to small businesses.
  • SEO, ads, social media marketing etc.
    • Used to do these but nowadays the advertising industry is so grossly unethical with all the spying and tracking that that I’m not going to do these projects until the situation is a bit more healthy.
  • Full stack development & server infrastructure
    • I have around 20 years of experience in programming with different languages. Nowadays I work mainly with Python and Javascript (browser & nodejs).
    • I’ve designed and implemented more web apps that I can remember. Nowadays I use mainly React for frontend and NodeJS for the backend.
    • I’ve designed, built and maintained multiple large-scale production server infrastructures for my own companies and for clients. This includes configuring both bare metal and virtualized Linux servers to run Docker containers and databases like MySQL, Riak, MongoDB, Postgres and Redis clusters.

I in years

  • Time spent on earth: 35 years
  • Time spent on computers: 27 years
  • Time spent in the network: 22 years
  • Time spent on programming: 20 years
  • Time spent on internet businesses: 20 years
  • Time spent on digital marketing: 15 years
  • Time spent on backend technologies: 10 years
  • Time spent on user interface design: 9 years
  • Time spent on artificial intelligence: 3 years

My story is well defined in those numbers. I have never had the misfortune of wasting time when learning a skill. I’m still doing programming almost daily after 20 years. I have always found a way to build upon what I have learned previously so everything above is rather tightly integrated.

Do you have an idea of something I might be able to do for you?

Contact me on Twitter or send me an email to marko (at) machian.com.