👋 Hey, my name is Marko Polojarvi.

I help businesses apply new technologies and improve their online business. I also build software.

🧙‍♂️ I do both with over a decade of experience from +100 consulting clients and +30 software projects.


How I can help you

I've been building and improving online businesses over a decade. I started my first online business when I was 16. I got in early and being doing this ever since.

At the moment, I offer two kinds of services: consulting and development.

  • 1

    Digital business consulting

    If you need someone to evaluate new technologies for your business, or you want to know how to improve your existing online business - I can do that for you.

  • 2

    Custom software development

    If you need someone to build you custom software or automation - that too I can do for you.

My experience


Years of experience

After a decade of seeing different online businesses succeed, and being a part of that success, I've done my best to turn everything I've learned into best practices and processes.
Over the years, I have…
  • built +8 digital startups from scratch, including development, marketing, business development, and building & managing teams
  • built and optimized online activities for +100 small, medium and large businesses, either working solo or as a part of the in-house team
  • designed and managed infrastructure for a multi-national large ecommerce store
  • developed +30 software projects
  • been a coach in startup program
  • worked with a happy client for +10 years (FDS )


Custom software projects

I've built +30 custom software projects, anything from full-stack SaaS to mobile applications.

I have never limited myself into building only certain type of applications, so I have learned how to built pretty much anything and everything.

Projects range from…
  • developing a web & mobile apps for a job aggregator service
  • training an AI model and building a large distributed backend for running it
  • p2p distributed data storage and application platform
  • smart contract based intellectual property rights system
  • large-scale data extraction pipeline and SaaS application for users
  • software to automate various business processes


Consulting clients

Over the years, I've consulted +100 of companies in topics like digital business design and helping them to understand faster the potential ways they could be using new technologies as a business.
I have had the privilege to work on…
  • online profit optimization for a behemoth Santander
  • data analytics for a hyper-scaler Rovio (Angry Birds)
  • infrastructure evaluation for tech giant Nokia
  • search engine optimization for Finland's national airline Finnair
  • content distribution optimization for Finland's largest TV company MTV
  • designing a web portal for Finnish fashion giant Marimekko

Technologies I have built with

Application development

  • Programming languages: Javascript (NodeJS), Typescript, Python, PHP, Solidity, Rust
  • Hybrid apps: Electron, Tauri, Ionic, F7
  • Native apps: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Frontend frameworks: React, Angular, Solid
  • Dev tools: Git (Github/GitLab), ViteJS, Webpack, Chrome Dev Tools
  • UI design tools: Figma, Photoshop, Sketch

Backend development

  • Relational databases: MySQL, Postgres
  • “Web-scale” databases: MongoDB, Riak, RethinkDB, Redis
  • Graph and vector databases: Neo4J, Qdrant
  • Web servers: Nginx, Apache
  • Containerization: Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes
  • DNS: Cloudflare
  • Operating systems: Ubuntu, Debian, Windows
  • Monitoring: NewRelic, Rudderstack, Meta

Machine learning

  • Built and trained models with: Pytorch, Tensorflow
  • Platforms: OpenAI, HuggingFace, Azure ML

Digital business

  • Conversion optimization: Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely
  • Social advertising: Facebook, Snap, Pinterest
  • Search advertising: Google, Bing
  • A plethora of media buy, native/in-app ad platforms


  • Smart contracts: Ethereum, Avalanche & Binance Chain
  • Tokenomics design and evaluation
  • Dev tools: Hardhat, Infura, Metamask, Ethers.js


Fixed sum or hourly

I can do both fixed sum and hourly billing. The price I charge depends on what we are doing. Feel free to make an offer.

For reference, my ongoing hourly rate is $110. The price includes ASAP availability*.

*ASAP availability

As soon as possible availability works like this:

  • If I'm on my computer working on my own stuff and you message me, I'll answer within minutes.
  • If I'm working on another client, or I'm away from computer, I'll message you when I have time to go through my inbox.

These rules make sure that when I'm working on your business, I'm fully focused.

Payment methods

For payments you can use...

  • all the major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, etc.)
  • cryptocurrencies (ETH, USDC, BTC, etc.)
  • bank transfer (SEPA)

Feel free to pick the currency that works best for you.

My work habits

I'm the type of person that likes to work and, for whatever reason, have very little interest in hobbies.

I tend to work 8-10 hours a day, so I'm available well during the day.

Note: To set some work/life boundaries, I don't check work inbox outside those 8-10 working hours (unless agreed otherwise).