👋 Hey, my name is Marko Polojarvi.

I build software and digital businesses.

🧙‍♂️ I do both with +15 years of experience from +100 consulting clients and +30 software projects.


How I can help you

I've been building and improving online businesses for over a decade. I started my first online business when I was 16. I got in early and being doing this ever since.

At the moment, I offer two kinds of services: consulting and development.

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    Digital business consulting

    If you need someone to evaluate new technologies for your business, or you want to know how to improve your existing online business - I can do that for you.

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    Custom software development

    If you need someone to build you custom software or automation - that too I can do for you.

My experience


Years of experience

After 15 years of seeing different online businesses succeed, and being a part of that success, I've done my best to turn everything I've learned into best practices and processes.
Over the years, I have…
  • built 4 digital startups from scratch, including development, marketing, business development, and building & managing teams
  • built and optimized online activities for +100 small, medium and large businesses, either working solo or as a part of the in-house team
  • designed and managed infrastructure for a multi-national large ecommerce store
  • developed +30 software projects
  • been a coach in startup program
  • worked with a happy client for +10 years (FDS )


Custom software projects

I've built +30 custom software projects, anything from full-stack SaaS to mobile applications.

I have never limited myself into building only certain type of applications, so I have learned how to built pretty much anything and everything.

Projects range from…
  • developing a web & mobile apps for a job aggregator service
  • training an AI model and building a large distributed backend for running it
  • p2p distributed data storage and application platform
  • smart contract based intellectual property rights system
  • large-scale data extraction pipeline and SaaS application for users
  • software to automate various business processes


Consulting clients

Over the years, I've consulted +100 of companies in topics like digital business design and helping them to understand faster the potential ways they could be using new technologies as a business.
I have had the privilege to work on…
  • online profit optimization for a behemoth Santander
  • data analytics for a hyper-scaler Rovio (Angry Birds)
  • infrastructure evaluation for tech giant Nokia
  • search engine optimization for Finland's national airline Finnair
  • content distribution optimization for Finland's largest TV company MTV
  • designing a web portal for Finnish fashion giant Marimekko

Technologies I have built with

Application development

  • Programming languages: Javascript (NodeJS), Typescript, Python, PHP, Solidity, Rust
  • Hybrid apps: Electron, Tauri, Ionic, F7
  • Native apps: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Frontend frameworks: React, Angular, Solid
  • Dev tools: Git (Github/GitLab), ViteJS, Webpack, Chrome Dev Tools
  • UI design tools: Figma, Photoshop, Sketch

Backend development

  • Relational databases: MySQL, Postgres
  • “Web-scale” databases: MongoDB, Riak, RethinkDB, Redis
  • Graph and vector databases: Neo4J, Qdrant
  • Web servers: Nginx, Apache
  • Containerization: Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes
  • DNS: Cloudflare
  • Operating systems: Ubuntu, Debian, Windows
  • Monitoring: NewRelic, Rudderstack, Meta

Machine learning

  • Built and trained models with: Pytorch, Tensorflow
  • Platforms: OpenAI, HuggingFace, Azure ML

Digital business

  • Conversion optimization: Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely
  • Social advertising: Facebook, Snap, Pinterest
  • Search advertising: Google, Bing
  • A plethora of media buy, native/in-app ad platforms


  • Smart contracts: Ethereum, Avalanche & Binance Chain
  • Tokenomics design and evaluation
  • Dev tools: Hardhat, Infura, Metamask, Ethers.js