The Inner Sanctum™

I wanted to give this page a grandiose name, so it’s now called The Inner Sanctum™.

In reality, it’s me sending you emails when I feel I have something important enough to tell that I would email a complete stranger who I know wants to hear from me.

Most of my works are published here, but sometimes I have something brewing that I’m not comfortable putting out there just yet. These can be new experiments I would like to have some feedback on, maybe new services I’m thinking about and so forth. Email is a way for us to communicate while still keeping everything private.

If you are interested in being the first to hear about new things I’m doing, leave your email below. This is not a newsletter, so there’s no regular schedule or fixed content format. This is more like me sending a personal email to you.

P.S. If at some point you feel like you don’t want to hear from me again, you can always unsubscribe with few clicks, it’s just an email list – no hard feelings!