Digital business, applied AI and practical insights

Applied AI : Use your website's visitor's previously visited pages to predict what price range is likely to succeed and which types of products. Be careful to filter out already purchased items if known.

A common way to kill a business or a startup is to be in a perpetual reactive mode. When you are in a reactive mode, you are not making progress but instead invest your time to keep up the status quo, and you know what they say about businesses not growing…

Business decisions are a balancing act between reducing and adding value. Your strategy tells you which to apply where.

Applied AI : General rule of thumb - do you have data that probably has hidden relationships that could tell you something about the world? Machine learning is made to uncover these relationships. It is as complex and as simple as that.

Work on that confidence. Your confidence is your decision making muscle, and if you are going to do great things, the first thing is to do better than average decisions.

Applied AI : Publishing a lot of content or news with data-driven templates? There's a high probability that you can use machine learning to generate these for you with excellent results.

As a leader of any kind, your job is to get value out of every problem.

When you have a problem, like for example a health problem that makes working difficult. Instead of surrendering to your inability, think how you could work despite the situation. This type of thinking will resonate positively in all aspects of your life.

Your self-image fluctuates with the context, and you can utilize it to your benefit. Who makes you feel good? Who makes you feel like shit? Build your life to include only contexts that make you tick clockwise.

Soon #machinelearning will enable small businesses to buy cheap stock photos, import their product in the photos and have results that look 100% realistic. This will start to close the gap between brand & small business ad production quality.

If a task can be done within few seconds, current machine learning techniques are good enough. However longer and more complex tasks, especially complicated sequences will require many breakthroughs.

What comes out of your mouth defines who you are to others and more importantly, to yourself. Every time you voice a choice like "yes," "no" or "I can't" you have just defined yourself a bit. Your voice sparingly and always with a purpose.

All #ecommerce stores should add translation buttons if they don't offer English descriptions/reviews. Machine translation has a bad rep, but the new #deeplearning based translators are at a whole new level. A low-cost way to tap into the expat market.

Never confuse data, metrics or performance indicators as the final target. Any #business that hopes to survive the coming few decades has to measure its progress on how well it fulfills its purpose it communicates to the customers.

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