Random thoughts

Given how capitalism is based on constant growth, and only know sustainable growth engine is innovation, applying taxation on the value-added properties of the price is near borderline insane from the nations based on capitalism.

3 steps to remembering anything:

1) Understand first. Brain won’t ”store” data it can’t associate.
2) Repeat it with intervals following reverse hockey stick curve.
3) Associate it with things you know.

Your brain requires all these to form physical connections for retrieval.

If you are building a company around something you want to do, be careful that you don't delegate away the things that got you started in the first place. Once you become ”the management”, it's hard to reverse position without confusing your employees.

As long as you want something new, it is not over for you. That sentence contains everything you need for ”a happy life”.

Food delivery services are best used to avoid spending 30-60 minutes to eating during your best working hours.

Very few people have a problem with tourists or Airbnb. What people have a problem with is people who behave in ways that make their lives uncomfortable. So instead of making it harder for people to visit us, we should find ways to assign harder penalties for being an asshole.

After benchmarking WASM on iOS Safari in various ways, it looks like that a good rule of thumb is to use #WASM for pure number crunching tasks and vanilla #javascript for anything involving dealing with “external objects” like photos or videos.

Amsterdam Maker Market was today. I love this type of artisan events, but I do wish makers would start to incorporate technology more into their products. It feels like tech and artisans haven’t met yet properly.

Good to know because I often talk about scenarios that look likely to happen but are not what I would like to happen.

Climate change is happening because people don’t really grasp the fact that their house will be under water within a few decades. But then again, I live in a boat so not my problem really.

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